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Deep Tissue Dubai escort massage
Deep Tissue therapy is described differently by different therapists and schools. I like to think of it as more focused on therapy and addressing issues such as adhesions, scar tissue and poor movement habits, all of which can cause pain. A deep tissue massage does not have to be painful, although it is often intense. Many different types of massage techniques are used to address issues such as these. It has been my experience that different methods work for different people on different days.

Deep tissue Dubai massage from Noela

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage encompasses a wide variety of massage strokes including effleurage (gliding), kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction, compression, and vibration. Another important component of Swedish massage is stretching. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and increasing the range of motion. Mental stress, which has shown to cause physical maladies is also by the relaxation benefits from Dubai escorts.

Swedish Dubai massage from Noel

Thai Escort Massage Dubai

Conducted in comfortable, stretchy clothes on a padded mat, Thai massage contains a deeply spiritual component of Metta (loving-kindness), inducing peaceful relaxation. You will also experience physically transformative which includes compression, assisted-passive stretching in Yoga-like positions and thumbing along Sen (energy) lines to bring your energy into balance. Available in 90 and 120-minute sessions.

Thai massage in Dubai from Noel

Pregnancy Massage
Yes, pregnant women may receive a massage in all trimesters, as long as the pregnancy is going smoothly. I have the experience required to give a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Thai massage to alleviate the unique tensions that occur to our bodies during pregnancy. Are you pregnant? I have a body cushion that has cut-outs which can allow you to lie face down or side-lying; whichever is more comfortable for you, depending on the progression of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage in Dubai from Noel

Hot Stone Dubai massage Therapy
Incorporating hot stones into your massage is an incredibly relaxing way to enjoy geothermal heat without a long drive to the hot springs. The radiant heat from the stones penetrates deeply into your muscles and joints. A truly transformative experience! I use the stones in 3 ways, placing them on your body, having you lie on them, and massaging them very slowly and holding them at places of tension. Aromatherapy included in this treatment 75-minute session.

Hot stone Dubai massage from Noel

Dubai escort girlsĀ use all natural and certified organic oils and lotions. Please let me know if you have allergies or sensitivities to any scents or oils.