About Me

My initial training was at the Dubai College of the Healing Arts in UAE.  I continue to pursue my education, including studies in Traditional Thai Massage and herbalism. Gaining practical experience from some beautiful spas in both UAE and Central Dubai , I combine that experience with my knowledge of healing herbs to offer some fabulous body treatments, I hope you will try one! I studied Ceramic Art at the University of UAE and being a life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have a deep love of the outdoors.

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Noel Dubai Escort Business

I believe in the unique healing abilities of each and I strive to create a safe, respectful and comfortable space to promote your good health. I think my role as a massage therapist is as a facilitator of change through touch, relaxation, and balance.  I hope to bring balance to your life and show you how consistent massage therapy will increase your sense of well-being.

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